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Hi There!

I need your advice … I’m not having too much time now to investigate so any idea or advice will be welcome.

The scenario is: I have a database in a excel file so I had created a datatable and with a foreach I start to read every row and I save the information in a list and in a dictionary for the next step, and all these is working ok

Now I’m needing to identify wich row is already processed so If the workflow crush can just read or do a filter and then continue with all the other that still need be going on.

So process is not in order but after I have all the information I go to a system and I look for all the numbers and the system select the numbers in any order, so then I alredy had selected all the number I start to process each one.

So here is my problem … in this point … I read the number … How Can I find this number in my datatable and write in a cell that this number was processed?

Hi Carmen

Are you tryed to use Queues?


My suggestion is to use one separate column for “Status” which ever row is processed write status as “Processed”. If workflow crashes you process the rows which ever status in not processed.


thank you, I did something similar.

Your Welcome

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