Excel Read Range not working

Segment 1 : I am using data scraping and storing the order ids in excel using excel application scope and write range

Segment 2: For another application link to use order id i am using read range to get order ids from excel for type into activity however i am getting compilation error for the datatable datatype to ienumberable type error


Please write .ToString at the end in the screenshot

Apart from that for enumerable type…I believe initially you would have used for each insteqd of for each row in datatable


.tostring means it is only printting “datatable” not order id in the excel. please help

Hi @Sathish_Ashokan
Try this:


Hope it helps!!

Still not accepting I need to complete today please help


Use for each row datatable activity instead of for each.


Is there any null values in the order id column?

If yes, use if condition in the for each row datatable to check if the currentitem(“Order Id”).toString
is nothing or not.
Not String.IsNullorWhiteSpace(currentitem("Order Id").toString) or Not String.IsNullorEmpty(currentitem("Order Id").toString)
Then print message box.

Content of excel only 3 order id with no headers


If no headers then you have to call by column index.

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