READ data from datatable without header and column name


I have few cell excel (B1 TO B4 )who dont have header. I am reading this using read range and output will be datatable. Now i have to add these value in variables. How to do that ?


I guess he gave the solution, just try it urself to refer below same query

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Got it… Now I have read column B1 to B4 in datatable dt. Also I am reading Column from A9 onwords fro same sheet in datatable dt2. While reading the same it is giving error for dt2 … error is Read Range: A column named ‘0’ already belongs to this DataTable. How to resolve it ?

Don’t read separately, read the entire excel file and you will get data table., from the table you can get what ever value you want…

I have to read in 2 different datatable. Both datatable have different purpose in further process…how to do that ?

Instead of read range try with read column and you will get enumerable list , from the list you can get your values

u wanted to say, I should read column for B3 to B6 in read column activity and remaining in datatable ?

if you want read the column only…use Read-column Activity.


One thing I am getting current month value 05 and stored in string variable. I am having stringvariable = 5 . When I am comparing current month and variable then it is giveing false ideally it should be true . why it is happening?

for string 05 not equivalent to 5 , you better convert to as Integer and compare it

u mean convert both in integer or only current month ?

instead of storing in string better stored in integer and compare it

@Shirish, your condition should be something like Cint(YourStringVariable) = 5, Cint will convert your string variable to Integer then it will be true.

Ok Thanks