Excel opening problem

As many others I am facing the “Make sure Excel is installed” problem when trying to open an Excel file with the “Excel Application Scope”

I am using the UiPath Community Edtion and Excel in the Office 2019 package on a Windows 10 installation.
I have tried - several times - to run a repair for the Office package, but that doesn’t help.
Any suggestions of what else to try other than reinstalling the Office package ?


Try using WorkBook related activities for Read Range, this activity does not require excel to be installed. It should work fine.

Are you able to open up Excel yourself manually? Is it a trial edition? Does it open straight to your workbook, or does it have any sort of validation/pop-ups/etc?

Thanks for the reply - I will try that, just have to figure out which to use :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply.
Excel works fine, with no poups or anything else indicating a problem for Excel

Using the Workbook Read Range works fine, so I will use that for my training in UiPath