Excel Manipulation/ To check if invalid send the mail

Hi Team,

from the attachment excel with some n number of information. From that I have D and E column. From D Column I have to check the respective header items should be present or not and also that D columns with the respective E Column having Values or not that I want to check
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Hi @Iswarya_P1

Read the excel & store the output in datatable in this case dt_Main

Use the for each row on datatable for iterating over the rows in the datatable inside that.

Add the following condition in if block for D column. This will check your headers in column D

CurrentRow(3).ToString.Equals(“Purchase Order No:”) OrElse
CurrentRow(3).ToString.Equals(“Sales Order No:”) OrElse
CurrentRow(3).ToString.Equals(“CONTACT ID”) OrElse
CurrentRow(3).ToString.Equals(“COUNTRY”) OrElse
CurrentRow(3).ToString.Equals(“ORDER PROPERTY”) OrElse
CurrentRow(3).ToString.Equals(“ORDER TYPE”) OrElse
CurrentRow(3).ToString.Equals(“FROM WAREHOUSE”)

add the 2nd condition to check the values in column E are empty or not


Then you can use the send outlook mail message activity to send the mail. If empty found.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: