Hi all,

I have an excel with 10 columns and 3000 rows.

In that excel I need to check each row of column.
If amount exceeds more than 1000 or not.
If amount of any ID exceeds 1000 then I need to send mail else i should continue with other activity.

How to go with this flow. Can you plz help me.

Thanks in advance


do you need to check each row every time use this

use read range activity
for each row in datatable

inside use if activity

cint(currentrow(“amount”).tostring)>1000 then

use send mail activity else place your required activity

Hi @hanviprebday

Syntax : DT.asenumerable.where(function(a) cint(a(“amount”).tostring)>1000).copytodatatable

it gives the output as rowa which are greater than 1000

Hi @hanviprebday ,

Assuming you have read the Excel sheet as a Datatable, we could use the below Query directly in an If Condition activity to check whether the condition is Satisfied :

DT.AsEnumerable.Any(Function(x)CDbl(x("Amount Column Name").ToString)>1000)

If the above condition is true you can send the Email.

Note: You would not need to use an For Each Row as it is checking if any one ID has amount greater than 1000 and not for each item/row.

If suppose in 3000 rows there are 100 ID’s which have amount more than 1000.

I need to send mail of all these 100 ID’s in one go.


Use this Syntax : DT.asenumerable.where(function(a) cint(a(“amount”).tostring)>1000).copytodatatable

and use for each row in datatable activity
in foreach use send outlook mail message


if you want to send mail only for the rows having amount >1000

then use

Finaldt=DT.AsEnumerable.where(Function(x) CDbl(x(“Amount Column Name”).ToString)>1000).copytodatatable

gives you all the values which are greater than 1000

use for each row in datatable inside use send Outlook activity

after filtering >1000,send all id’s to array and send that array variable in through mail

Thank you all I got it

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