Sending Excel column data in Excel

I have a requirement in which, I am looping through Excel which has column ( “Name, Process, Message”). if the row satisfies specific condition, I need to send out Email to a DL, with data from that Excel Row .

Any help would be appreciable,Thanks!

Hi @Nishanthi_Sankar
What are conditions for validation those three columns?

Hi @Nishanthi_Sankar

You can try Filter Datatable and give your condition and seperate it first and then pass into the foreach row in datatable


Sorry for the delay Ramesh. I am looping through the Excel file and E.g: if startTime> DateTime. Now , I need to send the details of the row with data of (Name,process,Message) columns in the Email. How should I do that?
Thank you!

Hi @Nishanthi_Sankar,
you could use the “Get Row Item” activity to get the value of the column, and then put it in the e-mail body. Alternatively you could use row.Item(“Column Name”).ToString inside the For Each to assign the value to a variable.


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Thank you Jeroen, I will try it out now.

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