Excel Manipulation for 2 excel files. adding the matching data from the first file to the second file

I have 2 excel files, on the first file, the first column contains the names of tests that have unique id’s. the second column contains whether they have passed or failed. i want to add a new column to this every day with the results of the tests. some of the tests may get deleted or new ones may be added. So i need a way to match the data in the 2 excel sheets and add the status of the test to the correct test.

So essentially i want to have one excel sheet with the name of the test in the first column and whether it passes or fails in the rest. a new column will need to be added every day.

Hi @fflattery,

As per my understanding, You have unique ids in one file and test results in another file.

Do you have the Unique Id’s in second file too?

If you have id’s in second file too, then you can use a Vlookup to get the matched data or whatever you want.

If you want to get the matched data, you can use :
“=VLOOKUP(Sheetname & Column ,AnotherSheetName & Columns , Number of Columns ,FALSE)”

If you want to get the unmatched data, try this :

“=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(Sheetname & Column ,AnotherSheetName & Columns , Number of Columns ,FALSE)”),Value You want to get")"

I know it is bit difficult to understand my explanation. Sorry for that :slight_smile:

Hi @HareeshMR

Actually i have the unique IDs in both files.

I am exporting data from an application that will give me a new excel file every time. Each time the data is exported, i will get the test name with unique ID(Column A) and the result of the test, passed/failed(column B).

So instead of having lots of different files with the above, i would like to have one single excel file with the test name with unique ID in column A with the results per date in the rest of the columns.

So the Column B would have a title 03/01/2019, column C would be 04/01/2019… and so on.

So basically, i want to add a new column with just the results every day.

I thought about using a VLOOKUP, i just wanted to see if there may be a way to do it inside excel application scope function.