How to add data from one excel to another excel

I have 2 excel files and i want to add data from excel-1 to excel-2,where the excel 2 have multiple columns and excel-1 have single column.
Now i have to compare with each row where the columns are matched in excel-1 and excel-2 and i want to add data where it is missing and while adding i need the data for remaining rows as zero for remaining columns where i am adding the data excel-2.

Can you attach sample excels. Mean while you can read both excel and apply for each loop and compare the value by If condition and then can use write range to write in the excel

I am attaching my sample files Excel_1 folder contains the data where i had to write into Excel_2 folder files.

In my Excel_2 folder,there are multiple files.In that,for some files some rows are missing and i have to add that rows to Excel_2 folder files and where i am adding the row and for that corresponding rows in every column to be placed zero.EXcel (47.3 KB)