Comparing 2 excel files and making a new excel file with the results


I need to compare 2 excel files to match one column and if the column matches create a new excel file with some columns of the first excel and all the columns from the 2nd excel.

So for example;
My 1st excel file, looks like this;

And I want to compare column ‘Organisation’ from excel file 1 to column ‘Organisation’ from excel file 2. Excel file 2 is below;
Excel 2

If they match I want to create a 3rd excel file with all the columns from excel file 2 but also to include column ‘Developer’ and ‘Project Owner’ from excel 1. How can I get the end results as below;
Excel 3

Thank you!

Hi @Lisa_O
There are already a few topics on UiPath forum that can help you with this.
For example:


Check as below for your reference
Tutorial : How to check a string is present in Excel Sheet || Part - 1

Hope this helps you