Excel Macro with Popup Box for Variable


I am new to UIPath and having trouble executing a macro in Excel.I need to be able to pass a variable into a popup box but I can’t get it to recognize the box. My process gets stuck at the Execute Macro step and isn’t timing out or typing into the box. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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try a new attach window before typing…

Hi @jdahlinger

Does it generate a selector for the small window? or doesn’t is identify that when you try indicate on screen?

Have you tried attach window activity along with activate activity?

Im afraid this cant be done with execute macro activity as it is synchronous and will not go to the next until the macro resumes… i did like this:

Are you able to edit the macro so that you can pass the input argument to the script instead of having an input bot appear?

Thank you all for your quick response. I appreciate the insight into the Execute Macro activity. Manually running the process as @bcorrea suggested worked well.

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