Excel macro cannot run or doesn't exist

Hi, I have got bot that is running on Windows 8 and at one point execute Excel (2013) macro. However once bot has been moved to Windows 10 Excel (2016) machine I get an error message that macro cannot be run or doesn’t exists (System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException). If I run excel macro on its own there isn’t any issue. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


I’m also facing this issue, however I suggest you to check the Excel trust center setting – macro setting. My company sets it as “Disable all the macro…” and I can’t change it, I think this may be the reason. You can just compare the settings between Excel (2013) and Excel (2016).


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Hi Aisling,
Thank you for reply. That was my first thought, however in my case enable all macros and trust all is selected.

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