Excel is giving error

I am facing one issue related to excel file.

Excel file is present into shared document folder which is map to the sharepoint.
when we open excel from shared doc. folder and edit, save it. It give error when we try to reopen the excel.

With same excel copy we perform same action only file is stored in local folder then there is no issue/ error in excel.


please Make sure that you closed the excel file while you are running it and also check the path you mentioned is correct or not.

also You can use the Workbook activities as the excel file is .xlsx

HI @nikhil.girish ,
i already check this. No process is running in background. Path is correct and file is also present.
i need to delete some rows in the worksheet so i has to use Excel application scope.

From web sharepoint , after opening file it by default open in view mode but when we change it to edit mode , it give error that the file is currently used by studio.
however their is no excel process is showing in task manager

i would suggest you to have a kill process activity before all these operations


kindly try this approach