[Help Beginner] Set a timer before launching next activity


I am working with Power BI, I would like UiPath to
1- refresh the file
2- save the file

The problem, is refreshing the file takes around 10 seconds and UiPath doesn’t wait for that process to finish before trying to save the file.

How can I make the sequence wait a certain amount of time (10 seconds) before going to the next step ?

I do not have orchestrator, so I would need something that works only with Studio, thank you,
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add an delay activity

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Thank you ! Is there a way to make UiPath wait for a process to end as well instead of a set amount of time ?

You can implement activities like On element Appear or On Element Disappear to continue the process after an element is created or deleted (i.e. a pop up message that disappears after the save is completed)

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