Excel issue - refreshing cells

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with Excel. I have prepared a template in Excel with some formulas. The problem appears when I paste a table from UiPath in my template, but when I open the Excel file, the formulas doesn’t recognize the number of the range pasted by UiPath.
If I click on the cell (manually), then press Enter, automatically the cell recognize its content, and the formulas refresh theirself.
I have to find any way of doing this without “refreshing” manually every cell…

Have you ever notice this problem ? Do you know how to resolve it?

Thank you so much!

Hi @ajg

Have you tried write cell activity

Ashwin S

Yes, but it doesn’t work neither…

Can you please tell

  1. Have you saved the excel before refreshing ?

Are you using Excel application Scope ?

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there is a property to retain the property of cell/Range in write range activity, did you check that?

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Hi @Divyashreem
You are talking about Autosave ?

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Yes,this issue will exist

just use invoke vba activity in excel scope and runs this command

ActiveSheet.EnableCalculation = True


after done with your paste …go with key stroke …shift+F9

the above should refresh all the formulae


Hi everyone, I have resolved it just converting the variable from String to DateTime (the formula works with datetimes input). It was easy than I thought! Thank you all for answering!!

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