Can we perform Refresh operation on excel file?

I have excel operation where i need to perform Refresh operation on it? Is it possible to perform Refresh using Ui-Path on excel or is there any workaround for this?


I have done this by running Excel macro from uipath. In Excel you can record / create vba code easily.

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Hi @md.ahtesham,
To refresh or recalculate in Excel (when using the F9 for The Financial Edge), you normally can use the following keys:

  • To refresh the current cell - press F2 + Enter
  • To refresh the current tab - press Shift + F9
  • To refresh the entire workbook - press F9

If you have any issues with the above option refreshing, please try:


as per the below article:

Here is some link to a similar discussion, where VBA script was discussed:

And perhaps this will be of some use:

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