Excel Formula error

formula Hi Guyz…
i want to apply this excel formula on write cell activity…and its showing me an error…if i run this same formula on excel sheet it is working but here its showing an error…can anyone know how to fix this error.


Use this “=IF(C3>$BG$1,”“Ok”“,”“Defaulter”“)”

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excel not working

What is the error that you get or the value being populated? Can you paste your workflow here for better understanding?

Can you try like this?

"=IF" & "(C3>$BG$1,”“Ok”","“Defaulter”")

Looks like compiler is picking it up as vb.net inline if and freaking out.

No its not working…its showing an error that “End of statement expected”.

Can you tell me in if condition i need to compare from time so its showing an error that cannot convert double string so how can i pass hours in if condition.


Perfectly working.

keep Write Cell activity inside the Excel scope.
hope this helps.