Write CELL activity giving error while using formula

Hi guys,

I am struggling with this problem: when I trying to write formula “=IF(ISBLANK($T8),(VLOOKUP(A8,Sheet1!A8:Z”+IntSourceRowCount.ToString+",20,),$T8)" to cell using Write cell function, an error pops .

It is giving the below error , Write Cell: The data you want to write “=IF(ISBLANK($T8),(VLOOKUP(A8,Sheet1!A8:Z”+IntSourceRowCount.ToString+",20,),$T8)" has a wrong format, or Excel is busy. If your data is a formula, make sure you use comma as parameters separator. Please check that you are not editing a value and that no dialog windows are opened.

my formula works well in excel .

Can anyone help me out as what is wrong with this formula or i do need to change anything . Please help at the earliest .

You have one ( too many. Remove it and it should work fine:



Hi , can you please help me with what should be the exact formula i am not able to work out and get your statement , you have one ( too many . what needs to be removed . Please help …

Just copy the string and paste it into UiPath.

thankyouu sooo much @ptrobot … this worked finally… thanks a lot for your help …
thi issue gave me such a hard time …

You are welcome! Glad to hear that you got it working.

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