Excel formula error on adding digits to a set of data

Good Afternoon All,
I am trying to create a new column on an excel sheet and type in a formula that would add a few digits to a set of data. However when I run the bot it creates the new column but I get a formula error. When I type it in manually on the excel sheet it works. Using the following formula on UiPath; “=Text(C2,“0000000000”)” Excel%20Formula%20Error Any ideas would be helpful.

#NAME? error normally shows when the formula you typed is not complete or have incorrect syntax

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What activity are you using to write this formulae ?

I am using the Write Cell activity. When I write the same formula on the excel it works fine but when the bot writes it gives the error.


Please check below threads and may be it will help you.


thank you for your help! It was a double quotation missing when writing the activity.