Write Excel Formula Error

I have an issue writing Excel formulas into the cell I wanted. There are errors encountered processing the expression.

May I know how to resolve this issue, or is there any other way to insert a formula into an Excel cell?

Thank you.

HI @Steven_Kho,

buddy, I can see there’re double quotes in your string, the error is because of it only, compiler unable to identify string.
You can escape a double quote by prefixing it with another double quote.

If you want to display string —> My name is "ABC" and I'm from planet earth.
then, we use string like this —> "My name is ""ABC"" and I'm from planet earth."

In your case, I’ll suggest you to use double quotes in formula string as given below,



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Please refer to the below Thread - This user was having the same issue and I was able to Help him, Please have a look.


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