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Hello Everyone,
I have an Error when i try to insert a formula in Excel file with WriteCell Activity.
The formula separe the first two characters for a value of a column.
So the steps are, manually speaking, i need to enter this formula in one cel and the rest of the cells from the same columns are autocompleted.

The error is this: WriteCell%20Error

and for a better understand i send a picture how the excel file look:

The formula is: “=LEFT(D4;2)”



Did you check if that exact formula is correct? You can try to manually type it into the excel file (on the target machine where this exception is thrown).

For example, in my case the correct formula would be =LEFT(D4,2) and the Write cell activity is working in this case.

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Hello Alexandra,
Yes if i put manually the formula is working well.

I put the files to better understanding what i am doing. :slight_smile:
Desktop.zip (8.7 KB)

Because i work with French Version this is the entire formula:

=SI(ESTNUM(VALEURNOMBRE(GAUCHE([@[Numéro identifiant TVA]];2);0));"";GAUCHE([@[Numéro identifiant TVA]];2))

I tested the workflow and it is working with only one exception: the WorkbookPath set for Excel Application Scope is not correct in this case.

Did you test the workflow as part of a project, also?

If not, I would suggest to:

  1. Select again the file by pressing this button image


  1. Create a new project (which should contain a Mail.xaml file and a project.json file) and copy this workflow to the folder containing the .json file. Test it as part of that project.
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Hello Alexandra, Thank you for your help, but i solutionate the problem. I was trying to put the long variant of the formula, and i notice that have special characters, and for this Excel give errors.

Again Thank you for your help.

I wish you a good day! :slight_smile:

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