Copy excel file to new location while preserving format

Hi Folks,

I have an excel file with template as below.

I want to copy this file to another excel and preserve the whole format, also I want to clear out the data previously present, so that I can write new data there.

What would be the best way to achieve this.

Hi @shikharno.7

1.Use Excel file of Original excel
2.Use Excel file of 2nd Excel
3.Use Copy/paste range activity to copy and paste the format and data
4.Use Clear sheet/range activity to clear the data


  1. Excel Application Scope (Input: Source Excel File Path)

    1.1 Read Range (Input: “Sheet1”, Output: sourceDataTable)

  2. Excel Application Scope (Input: Destination Excel File Path)

    2.1 Clear Range (Input: “Sheet1”) or Clear the entire sheet

    2.2 Write Range (Input: sourceDataTable, “Sheet1”)

If this is not working

Use Workbook read and write range activiti. in read range enable preserve format

Hi @shikharno.7

=> Insert the Use excel file activity and pass the excel file path.
=> Inside Use excel file activity insert the read range activity. Output - Datatable
→ In properties of read range activity make default for Read formatting option.
=> Use Write range workbook activity to write the Datatable to the another excel.
=> After Write Datatable to excel activity insert the Delete rows activity
→ In What to delete option make the All visible rows.

Check the below image for better undertstanding.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @lrtetala , can I filter out Year ‘2021’ before copying using the Copy/Paste Range ?


Yes, based on your requirement you have to do it

@lrtetala , Could you please guide me to set the properties , if my requirement is to filter out ‘2021’ and paste that into a new excel file.

By using Copy/Paste Range activity you won’t be able to filter

Hi @lrtetala ,


I couldn’t preserve the formatting via Copy/Paste Range.


It Preserve the format it is working

Once show your workflow

Share the sample excel file if it is possible

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