Copy Excel sheet from A.xlsx to B.xlsx (without read/write range to preserve format)

I have excel file A.xlsx and want to copy “sheet-ABC” to excel file B.xlsx (same sheet name).

I don’t want to use “read range” and “write range” as I want to preserve the format.
All the activities seem to only work for one excel file (e.g. copy/paste range)? Or do I miss something?

Hi @Ludwig_Wilhelm

You can use copy paste range in modern excel activities like

  • Excel process Scope
    • Use excel file 1(A.xlsx) reference as Excel
      • Use excel file 2(B.xlsx ) reference as Excel 1
        • copy paste range of modern
          Source will be ->Excel.Sheet(“sheet-ABC”)
          Destination will be ->Excel1.Sheet(“sheet-ABC”)

And set what to copy as “All”

To enable the modern
Activities panel → Filter → Show modern




Outch - thanks, wasn’t aware that this is possible when 2 use-excel are nested. You are a star;-)

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