Copy Excel Sheet and Preserver Formatting

I have a spreadsheet with a very complex format in an excel spreadsheet and I need to copy the spreadsheet in question to another spreadsheet, preserving format and data, I use the CopySheet tool from Excel Application Scope but I did not get the expected result, does anyone have a solution? Here is the Origin Worksheet with the
Example.xlsx (89.0 KB)
Sheet I need to copy


In my environment, it seems good. How about the following sample? If there is problem, please can you share it? (84.5 KB)


HI @Israel_Silva

You will have a Copy paste range in the Modern activities

You can select there what to copy in your case try with All

You need to enable the Modern in the filters

If you need to copy the data between the sheets of one excel file do like this

If you want to copy the data betwwen two excel files do like this


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