Excel File to Clipboard

Hi friends,

I am desperately looking for a way to solve my problem and I hope you can help. Unfortunately I did not find anything on the search.

I have an Excel file (File Path is known) and I want to paste the whole file into a Lotus Notes form (as a comment).

Is there a way of copying a whole excel file to the clipboard so I can paste it in the Lotus Notes form pressing CTRL+v?

Thanks a lot for your help!


I think only way is you need to do this how you do manually (i.e. Key Strokes )

  • Open your excel file (you can use “Start Process” activity to open file, you need to provide excel file path in “FileName” properties)
  • Ctrl+ A select all data, Ctrl + c copy alll data (Send Hot Keys)
  • Now activate your lotus note’s element/text box where you want to paste this value then you can do Ctrl+v (Send Hot Keys)

Thanks @kuldip.gohil for your quick reply!

Actually I don’t want the content to be pasted but rather the file itself.
(It needs not to be an excel, it can be a pdf as well, but in most cases it is an excel.)

Do you maybe know a solution to paste the whole file?

Hi @Bjoern.Mestemacher,

If you are doing manually how you will perform the same step by just copying the file and pasting it or by uploading it by browsing the files from computer.

Hi @anil5,

unfortunately there is only the possibility to Drag and Drop or to click into the field and press CTRL+v. It is not a web application but a form in Lotus Notes application.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Bjoern.Mestemacher

I want to know more about CTRL+V does this work in Lotus Notes application like pasting the complete excel file.

So you mean to say, you copy the file as “CTRL+C” from a specific folder and click in the field and perform “CTRL+V”

Because when i copy a random file and try to paste in this section i don’t get the option to paste, so if you could provide more information and few screenshots so we could help you.

Hi @anil5,

I attached a screenshot how I put the file into the commentary field. As you do I copy the file with CTRL+C from a specific folder and push it to the comment field with CTRL+v.



  1. Put your file in specific folder.
  2. Use sendhotkey and send CTRL+c and indicate on screen the file which you want to copy.
  3. Perform a click action where you want to save, in your case the comment section.
  4. Use sendhotKey and send CTRL+v and indicate on screen the comment section.

If there is a single file, there will not be any issue.

But if there are multiple files, you should be knowing which file to copy to your comment section, i had indicated the screen for multiple files in the folder and i got the below selector.


If you notice the selector has filename as “sum.xlsx”, and you have to make this selector as dynamic such that when you pass the file name in that selector so it copies the exact file, you have to do it for sendhotkey,send CTRL+c

I have done for outlook, i have copied file from folder and pasted in outlook and it works fine, can you give a try for your workflow.

Thanks a lot, that helped!

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