Paste some copied value in excel cell

hi all,

I am copying some data from one application using ctrl+C and want to paste in some specific cell in an excel.
Now i am pasting it into notepad then again using the “Copy selected text” and putting that variable into specific cell using “Write Cell”
This is taking time as notepad is coming in the scene between application and excel.
Can I pate the data directly from application to excel?Is there any convenient way?
Please let me know.

you can store the value in one variable and paste the data in that excel cell.

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Parvati Thalal

Hi @Arindam - After Ctrl+C, try to use copy selected text activity and then use write cell. Try that might work.

If not then that needs to be set to clipboard and get from clip board, then write cell


Please tell me how i can store the value into one variable?if it will possible then this problem will be solved.I am using send hot key to copy the data(ctrl+c). After that what I need to do?

can u please share your workflow?

After that include Copy Selected Text, store it in the variable. Then write that variable into excel.


Hi Anand,

I tried using “copy selected text” after “ctrl+c”. But I am getting runtime error. Seems it is for clipboard only. Is there any other way except including notepad for communicating between application and excel?

I think then “Set To Clipboard” and “Get From Clipboard” then write into cell would work. Try this.


I think this too does not work.


Use get text activity and store the output in one vaiable and paste tht variable in write cell.


After you use Ctrl+C then use an Excel Application Scope and pass that worksheet path. Then inside that use Ctrl+V send hot key and highlight spy the cell where you want to paste it and Ctrl+S send hot key.

Note: Drawback is that it will not paste the values into the right cell unless until the position was changed and saved in excel before the BOT runs.
In that case we should use some other logic to execute it.

Try this would work.