Excel error when writing cell

Hi all

This is my current process:

With the first write cell activity, I’m getting this error:

And with the (currently ignorned activity) write cell in the Excel application scope, I’m getting this error:


It works fine if I use a different spreadsheet, but the one I’m using comes up with these boxes when it’s opened:

Which, I’m assuming, are from the conditional formatting used in the sheet or even that it gets information from different Excel sheets in a location I don’t have access to.

Has anyone had this error before and knows how to fix it? Or will I have to use a different spreadsheet that doesn’t have the pop ups on?


It could well be related to these popups. I have to ask why you are automating a process in a spread sheet with links that you don’t have full control of. I would either be deleting these links or changing the warning settings in Excel to automatically update links.

I really hate worksheet links! :frowning: :frowning: