Error while writing the data in Excel

Error while writing data in the excel even we are killing the excel before copying from the template.
Launch Workflow Interactive: UiPath.Core.Activities : Error in Writing the data in the Excel",“level”:“Error”,"timeStamp

Hi @Sangeetha_Nagendran,
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Can you please show your workflow to see how you are trying to put data into excel? Please remove sensitive data.

I assume that your “argOutput” is having kind of a path like "C:\blabla\something" right?
And what do you have a little bit lower in your Write Cell activity?

caused a serious error the last time it was opened. the following error occurs after copy the file and try to enter the data. Even i try to open manually it shows the same.

currently i opened manually and enter the data for testing purpose after that it works fine.

May I know what will be the permanent resolution for this error.