Excel error in High Density on-prem environment

I have two unnatended Robots running in the same machine, in the high density model.
I noticed that sometimes a process gets stuck on the Excel Application Scope activity, doesn’t generate an exception and just remains stuck forever.
Analyzing the log, I realized this happens when another process is also using Excel Application Scope on my other Robot.

This seldom happens, I only noticed this time because this process processes several transaction itens (that run in few seconds), so it uses Excel Application Scope all the time.

All my packages are up to date and I use a kill activity for each transaction, to make sure no Excel is opened for that robot, but still when a process in the second robot begins to make use of Excel, it gets stuck.

Anyone has faced this issue and has an idea of how to solve it?

Are both bots updating the same excel file? If it does not update the same excel file, it is only used to retrieve data, have you tried to copy the excel files in the common area to the local area while the robot is running and put them back in the common area after you are finished?

The processes update different files. The files are in specific folders for each process.
The processes are completely independent.