Excel.Copy Paste Range and copy Sheet is not working

Current Studio Version : Enterprise Edition 19.4.4
Current Package Version : UiPath.Excel.Activities 2.7.2

Copy Paste Range Copy Item Selected : Value, NumberFormat, CellFormat

Using them produces an error.

Copy Paste Range : it’s work but Write Trash Value (Malfunction)
Copy Sheet : Exception Ouccred, same file copy sheet or another file copy sheet is same Error

So i bypass implementation Copy Sheet with VB.NET

Why exist not working activities on package?
Is this a reliable Enterprise Edition?
I spent a lot of time on the bypass implementation.

Hi @qfactor2013,
Could you attach workflow example so we could check this and try to reproduce?

yes i uploaded

CE Version Main14.xaml (5.3 KB) Copy Sheet it’s okay, i did bypass implements
but copy paste range same problemaaa.xlsx (11.6 KB)

Isn’t it because you trying to copy and paste into same sheet?

yes i want paste on same sheet
isn’t work?
specification description is not saying to can not same sheet

No, all is fine. But based on that seems that workflow is working fine. It copied first sheet to the second. And re-copy source range like it should. I don’t see any problem here.

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Currently, I do bypass Implements, Now, It’s Okay,
But so uncomfortable…
I want available copy paste range on same sheet
(Maybe fixed update on recent future?)

Thank for response

I’m not pretty sure. Everything is working fine when I’m testing it. Please maybe try to run it on newest Community Version of Studio.

That problem is CE & Enterprise both occured (copy on same sheet, Not Diffrent sheet)
Anyway, that’s fine now.

My solution for those looking for a solution
copy sheet: Using Invoke Code
copy paste range: Using read range to write range

I seem to have a bit related issue so replying here. If I try to Copy Paste Range a rather large Range (34980 rows, columns A-H to be exact…) UIPath does the first copy/paste just fine but after that it simply freezes, no error, execution seems to continue but nothing happens after several minutes of waiting (it should continue with another copy paste of about similar size to different sheet for what it’s worth). Memory and CPU are not maxed out. If I activate the Excel window there’s defenately something going on (the cursor turning to blue circle all the time, if I click anywhere it results to [HRESULT: 0x800AC472] (Excel application scope : Exception from HRESULT: 0x800AC472)].

Is there some known upper limit to copied rows if I try to split the mass before copy/paste…?

too large, if that i will do, read copy range and write range

copy paste range is unstable

Well, amazingly this VBA oneliner does the trick without hickups :slight_smile:

Sub CopyPasteRange(sourceRange, targetWS, targetRangeStart)
Worksheets(“Sheet1”).Range(sourceRange).Copy _
End Sub


VB is best optimize solution. XD

Hi @jekora,

Can you try these ?