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When we use the activity Copy/Paste Range from the package Excel.Activities with the option “Formula” as below, it copies/pastes the formulas but also the comments within the cells. It is really an inconvenient, especially that there is no Uipath activity to delete them and I cannot find a C# code working for this case ! (because of the formulas).



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Hi @melanie

Thank you for your feedback, it indeed sounds a bit annoying to deal with.

Could you please confirm the version of the Excel activity package that you are using, as well as maybe providing a few sample screenshots for maximum context (maybe how the source and target Excel sheets look like before and after execution, and the full screenshot of the activity that you are using)?


Thanks for your response.

I am using the Excel activity version 2.11.4.
The context :

  • Input : I have an Excel file with numbers and formulas, here below an example that I created for the post. In some of the cells, there are comments.

    For example here I have formulas in all the column B.

  • Expected output : I want to copy all the formulas which are in the column B in the column C.
    The output should look like this

    (and when I do it manually using the Copy/Paste formula of Excel it works
    image )

But… the output I got with the Copy/Paste activity of UiPath is this one :

All the formulas are pasted, but the comments as well.


Thanks for your support.

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Thank you for this extra context, it helps a lot to understand the issue.

Our team will consider this in the future :slight_smile:

Hey @melanie ,

As a workaround for this while we’re looking into it, you can use the Read Range activity and write the date using Write Range which will remove the comments.