Excel cannot open the file because file format or file extension is not valid

Hi all,

i have tried to open a file that in google drive. But i am getting this error. i have checked its format but it looks like .xlsx. How can i solve it?


Check these links

This may help,

You can download the excel file from Google drive to your local drive and then you can try open it using excel application scope, instead of opening it directly from Google Drive.

Try to open the file in excel first to check if it is not corrupted. If you can open it there’s should be no problem opening it in UiPath.

Kindly check once manually whether we are able to open the file manually and if that works then we won’t face any issue in uipath as well

Also use excel application scope and pass the file path of this file and then use read range activity to read the data in it

Cheers @mazlumkacar

i can open it manually but when i try to open it with uipath, it gives me that error.

Thanks a lot. But i have to get this file from drive:(
But these links may help. Thanks again.

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I am still getting this error. What should i do about that? Can you please help me?