Error Reading excel file

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Hi Guys,
I am unable to read the attached file. Pls check and let me know if you find another way.

Hi @Sarath

What error you are getting?

Ashwin S

I hope you are reading the values as ######### in the workbook right? @Sarath

It is because the type of the cell is as Date, change it to a number or decimal. Then you will get the exact value you have in the cell.

If you have any other issue with the file, please post the error or issue you are getting :slight_smile:

Hey this is how the input file is going to come, we cannot edit it. Has to be done using bot in that case. i am looking for a way to read the file ignoring the format using uipath

Then simply use read range activity to read the excel @Sarath

You are getting any issue while reading the file?

Same issue diff error message.

Im not able to see the error image @Sarath

Post it again :slight_smile:


@Sarath You are getting that error because excel is saying it is a date, but that is not in a valid date format. Currently the excel says “129020083185” is a date. Is that correct? If not, you need to tell the team that is generating this file to fix that issue.

It looks to me like it should be as string, an integer, or a decimal/double, not a date.



Was just about to say the same thing @Dave just mentioned. It doesn’t seems to look like a date. However, I just wanted to ask whether this is a some sort of a representation of a date which requires some transformations to generate the date from it?

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Hi All, Thanks for your reply.
In fact we have already analysed the issue and this has been extracted from a different file just to showcase the issue. the challenge here is that UiPath not able to read this file at all. It is throwing an error i am trying to find out a way to read this ignoring its formats and things like that.

The challenging part is the file comes from different sources and we cannot put a human to open and check each file whether it has any data as such with such an exception. we need to handle it within UiPath itself

The issue here is that the excel file itself needs to be changed. You can handle it within UiPath with a try-catch, but what do you do when you catch the error? The only fix is to have the team creating the excel file to fix it. They are passing a broken file so it is on that team to fix it.

If you know 100% of the time they will be passing a file with this exact same error (saved in excel as date, but should be text or number instead) then you can handle that by opening the file and changing the format using the excel user interface, or with a simple macro. However, this is the type of thing that should be fixed at the source instead of just a band-aid fix because trust me, it will be a maintenance nightmare for you and your team if you’re expected to just “deal with it” when you get crap data

I was able to Read the file After I clear the Formats in excel…


In Bot :

  • You can open the File
  • Send Hotkeys to clear Formats
  • Read and Proceed
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