Excel Automation without Excel

Can UiPath support Excel Viewer application where MS Excel is not installed?

Can UiPath attended robot read and copy the data from Excel Viewer and paste into other system?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Raj_Maheshwari1 ,

I’m not too sure about Excel Viewer, but if you have an Excel File present on a machine where MS Office isn’t installed, that doesn’t prevent you from performing Excel Automation.

The Workbook Activity Package is specifically designed for those scenarios.
Have you given that a try?

Meanwhile I’ll look up on Excel Viewer and get back to you.

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

Hi @Raj_Maheshwari1
the Excel application scope cannot be used as this requires the Excel application.

However Excel workbook activity will work on this.

Please try and let me know.


Welcome to uipath forum

I think from excel viewer online we can instantly download file as xlsx file

So not being a direct method but in an indirect way where We need to download the file from excel viewer and

then we can read it with workbook activities if you don’t have excel application installed

Workbook activities can work even without excel application installed

Cheers @Raj_Maheshwari1

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