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In excel automation, Is there any way that without opening excel sheet will be able to perform excel activities in uipath from background?




Depending on what you want to do you can use the System.File.Workbook activities
You will need to install the Excel Activities package.


Hi @Amreen_Zabi

Yes… you can perform excel activities without opening the excel file. So in your activity list, there are two excel activity sets. One activity set goes under another main category called “Excel” and another set of activities go under “Workbook” category. Each category has the same set of activities…

The activities under the Excel category requires the workbook to be open in the background. These activities also require an additional activity called “Excel application scope” to open the excel file and all of these activities only fit in within that activity.

On the other hand, the activities under “Workbook” category does not require the excel file to be open. It will actually work even without the office package in the machine. So if you use these activities, it will work on excel file without opening the file in the background.

Does it help?

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Thanks for the reply. It helped a lot. @Lahiru.Fernando

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one click buddy
in excel application scope we got a property called VISIBLE
–uncheck that property
so that it will run in background

Cheers @Amreen_Zabi

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