EXCEL Automation using Artificial Intelligence

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I am new for UI path, now i am focus on AI development using our UI path. i have the scenario that.

  1. Excel file 1 have the data’s with name and designation field is empty.
  2. Excel file 2 have the source data which is combined excel file 1 names and its designation.
  3. Read the excel file 2 source data and get the designations only then paste it into the excel file 1 designation filed based on the names.

Kindly find the examples Excel file 1 and Excel file 2.


Hi ArunUday,
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You can easily solve the above problem by :-
1.Read the source column as a string using read cell activity and store it in a string.
1.Using for each to loop through the row of names in excel 1.
2. for each name, use a regex to locate the designation and extract it from the group, like for example, Ramanna\s(\b\w*) is the regex, in which matches.groups(1).value will give you sqa text…

Thank u pankaj.sharma

We tried as per your steps, but finally its throws the following error.


Can you give a sample UI sequence for this…?

hi ArunUday,
Please find attached the working .xaml file.
I have created a dummy excel with dummy names in “Names” sheet and “NamesDaesignation” sheet having the date for designation.

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PaknajForumExcelAutomationUsingAI.xaml (10.1 KB) Excel_UsingAI.xlsx (9.0 KB)