Reading unstructured data from text file and paste it in structure format to excel

Hi Team,

I have input data as shown below in a text file :

Name : Alamgir
Id : 34364376
City : Pune

Name : Sham
Id : 25472
City : Mumbai

I have to read this file and paste the data in an excel file in the below format:

Name Id City
Alamgir 34364376 Pune
Sham 25472 Mumbai

I have tried but not getting the expected output. Please help.


Have a look here, as it looks very similar

parsing the textfile into the input datatable we do have several options:

  • regex
  • CSV Parsing
  • LINQ


Thank you for the response.

Can anybody please help with the code? No getting from the mentioned link.

Its urgent. I am new to UiPath.

Hi @Alamgir

I developed a workflow as you expected try out my xaml file & I also attached the output with you
workflow was developed based on regex
update me whether you got a solution or not
test15.xaml (18.2 KB)

test15.xlsx (8.2 KB)