Keep Excel open after application scope


I need to keep an excel file open after the excel application scope. Any idea how to do this? The excel file is a database with lookups. I need to enter information into the excel template and then keep it open so the end user can analyze the results. However, the file closes. How do I keep it open? Reopening it will not work because the data is then lost.


If you set variable to Output - Workbook property in Excel Application Scope activity, the workbook keep open until the workflow terminates. And you can use Close Workbook activity to close it, if necessary.



Hey I tried that and it still closes on its own…

So if I set the variable it will still close at the end though? I don’t want it to close at all…


The excel which is opened by Excel application scope will close at the end of workflow even though variable set to Workbook property.

How about using like MessageBox activity after excel application scope to stop it? User can operate the excel workbook because the workflow still running.


There must be another way no? This seems like a silly problem.


I suppose there is no way to keep open workbook which is opened by Excel application scope after terminate workflow because of resource management matter.

How about the following step?

  1. Copy template workbook file to new one.
  2. Open it by Excel application scope, process it and save it.
  3. User can open above saved file.


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That’s no good either. The file is a database and way to big

Would using a click trigger work? What if I used the click trigger on the close button? Would the process just wait and not close until the click was performed?

You can use the activity “Start Process” and open the Excel Sheet after the Excel Application Scope :smiley:

How about that?

The excel sheet is a database and is read only

did we try with START PROCESS activity and pass the filepath of excel as input to FILENAME property so that it will bring the excel to foreground
place the excel application scope and include all the activities to be performed
–then use a START PROCESS activity with excel filepath asinput
–but keep this START PROCESS within a TRY CATCH activity and choose the exception as system.exception
–it will bring the excel file to foreground
–then as @Yoichi said we can use message box with which we can include to options YES or NO

–If YES is pressed, the process will continue



Add one message box.


Would a click trigger work better than the messege box? Can I make the process just sit there and do nothing until the user clicks the close button in excel?

you have to open the excel from activities - use Application/browser witch leads to give you in properties - options - close ( here u say never)