How to keep excel file open after Excel Application scope activity

I have come across a requirement to keep the excel open after Excel Application Scope activity is completed, as per the solution I have created a variable in properties>output>workbook with type WorkbookApplication but it did not work, this is the solution mentioned in the document of this activity as well. Need help, thanks in advance

Using 2019.10.3 version of UiPath

After completion of the excel application scope you could use an “Open Application” activity. Excel application scope is run in the background which is why it doesn’t keep the application open. If you use this activity and supply it the same file path it would open the file you just worked on.

Thanks, Open Application worked for me without using Excel Application Scope

Thanks, but how to read the data from excel now? we can’t use the excel activities to read the file, is there any other way to read and use the data?

There are some read ranges outside of the scope that may work. search for read range, use the one found under:

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