Excel Application Scope: Invalid Path

Hi @ all,
I’m getting an error with the activity ‘Excel Application Scope’.
The activity can’t open the Excel file because of an invalid path, both if it’s a variable or it’s written in the activity.
But, if I copy and paste the path in the Windows search bar, the path results correct.

The version of UiPath.Excel.Activities is v2.13.0-preview (doesn’t work also with 2.11 and 2.12), and the version of UiPath Studio is 2022.4.3,

What I have to do?
Thanks in advance!


Try with workbook Activities… And there will be a chance of white space.

Do like this



check the path, the given path is not valid , make sure you have correct name with extension.

your path name is not valid because you keeping http something

Hi @THIRU_NANI, thanks for your answer.

I tried to add .trim, but doesn’t work (there’s not blank space anyway). I cannot use workbook activites because the bot need to open the excel for update automatically cells connected to another sheets.


Hi @Veera_Raj, thanks.

As you can see, I don’t set any http…
The extension is correct, and as i told if I copy and paste the path in Windows Search Bar it works correctly.



Try with modern activities…

And pass the config key…

This will opens the excel and this will works fine


can you keep excel file in project directory then you need to give only file name like

can you try like that?

@s.crimito select the file, click copy path, then paste that path into your excel config file next to InputPath key