Excel application scope activity, format

Hello guys I need all your wisdom, I am trying to save the path of an excel file in a variable, and then place the variable in the excel application scope to use the excel file that is in the path, the problem is that when the excel application scope activity reads the variable I get an error that says “The format provided for the path is not supported”. thanks for your help friends.

Hi @IOrlando

Can u show how u provided the path

Hi @IOrlando,

Try shift+ right clicking on the excel file(in your file browser) that you are trying to open, and then select “copy as a path”. Paste that into your workflow. This should make sure your file path is correct.

I did that copy the correct path in the excel file and paste it in the variable created to use it in the excel application scope activity but it does not work.

@IOrlando Does the file path work when pasted directly into the excel application scope instead of the variable?

Si funciona perfecto, ya hice esa prueba tambien, despues le agregue las comillas a la ruta en la celda del excel y me aparece otro error que hay caracteres de mas en la ruta establecida.

@IOrlando Can you please post screen shots of your workflow showing what you did?

esta funcionando ahora, ya no me da el error le quite las comillas y abre los archivos de la ruta que le coloque en la celda del excel sin problema.

Glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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