Excel Application Scope Error Uipath

I am unable to select the dropdown in IE after fetching the value from Excel.
Can anyone help me out with this?

@Shilpa_Mohanty What is the Error that you get? What Activity have you used to Select the Dropdown? Can you show us the Selector in UiExplorer as a Screenshot ?

I have read the excel file using read range activity and inside for each loop when I am trying to pass the values, it shows converter from str to 1-d array issue as my output of the read range , as of now is in a string.

any updates on this ?

@Shilpa_Mohanty Is it possible for you to Send Screenshots of your workflow or the xaml file? Got a bit confused if you have an error in reading the file or in Selecting the Drop down :sweat_smile:, if possible can you explain the process what you are trying to do in Steps ?




here I am able to assign item to a variable

I am not able to assign ***

If you can help me inthis, I can show the other part

@Shilpa_Mohanty But str is a String variable, Why do you want to iterate over it ? Also what is the type of tempVal?And what is the value of TypeArgument in For Each?

Yes, str is a string variable which has multiple values in newline.
I want the content of str to be passed in for each so that all values are retrieved one by one and stored in tempval variable(Generic Variable type)

@Shilpa_Mohanty Ok. If it Contains Multiple lines and you want to get each Line, then we need to Split that value with New Line as Separator. Before assigning it to tempVal variable, Just use Message Box with item as value in it, just to check if the String is Splitted properly

Also use Split(str,Environment.NewLine) in for each instead of str and run the Workflow and Check. Also Change the Type Argument to String in For Each.

Thankyou Arman
And now the actual thing is here
I have to read column D from excel and then click on the expand button in IE and the read the content of the value in column E and then select it.
Can you give an idea on how to do this


Excel sheet

this is the expand page in ui

Can anyone help me on this?
its bit urgent

@Shilpa_Mohanty To read the Values one by one from excel you can use the Read Range Activity, and then use a For Each Row Activity of Datatable to iterate the values, row(“ColName”).ToString will give you the each Value in that Column.

Next to Click the Expand button in IE, you need to use Click activity and Check the Selector and Alter it to Click the Values based on the values in the Column