Getting stuck to get data from excel using input box

Hi expert,

I am new in this platform. I was getting stuck to get data from excel using input box.
In the flow decision, I assigned input=strValue and please check out the following image. In the sequence, I added Excel application Scope, Read range, for each row and assign(strValue=row(0).tostring, but it is not working.
Looking forward to your support.



Can you attach your workflow?


Please check out the attached file. Looking forward to your feedback. (14.0 KB)

Hi @bdsipon,

Firstly the workflow u have shared and the workflow in the above screenshot are different.
Secondly i am not able to find any for each activity in the shared workflow.
Please provide some more and clear info ,so that i can help you with the issue.

Hi @Chetan94k,
Please check it. Appreciate. (14.3 KB)

Hi @Chetan94k,
Please check it.Appreciate. (14.3 KB)

Hi @bdsipon,
In the sequence,under for each activity body , “strvalue” is storing the value from last interation of for each loop.
So if u want to compare “input” with “strvalue”.provide the value in input variable accordingly.

Hi @Chetan94k,
It is not working. Would you like to edit the workflow and attach the correct one ?