How to read Calendar in graphic form?

dear, I would like to know how to translate date in text form from excel and click Calendars in IE? thanks

You have date in one of the columns in your excel sheet and you want to read it and enter into a website calender using IE?

You can use read cell to get the cell value.

you can use read range to get all the rows with calendar values

row("date").Tostring() will convert your date into string

Now that you have date in your variable, now the tricky part is how is your calender in IE.

Does it have a Textbox where you can directly paste the Date? If so you can use Type into Activity.

If you have to open the calender Image and select a day (here you need to extract day/month/year part from your date) and click on the day you want using selectors

thanks for your reply! yes, I need to open calendar image, but I cannot find selectors…

is UIPath able to auto select Calendars converted from csv / excel? thanks~

When you select a date (click activity) what do you see in selector?

If the selectors are set in a way where you can pass the day from your Robot, yes UiPath can do.

Or you can do by reading the number Images. If Date is 1 select 1 Image and so on but it is not a best practice.

um…cant get…is “Selector” a UI function? or do you mean Calendar selector in IE?

so if I want to transfer csv / excel date into Calendar graphic, I need to use "row(“date”).Tostring() "
and then use selectors ??


hihi, something off track but would like to know how to use “if” to make decision on Excel, say there are 5 categories in Column A of Excel. and 5 categories will select different drop down menu items in IE, may I know how to achieve it? thanks

Hi MichaelC,

Please see if it works…!

Have a IF condition under the data table rather than in excel. Based upon the condition click on the particular category on IE.

Solution was give based upon my understanding :wink:


Yes, I don’t think you need If here since the IE automation will be in sequence.

You can rather Map each column (read to datatable) to respective dropdowns in IE step wise.

thanks, not quite sure…say in Column A, there are apple, orange, lemon and cherry. and if apple appeared in csv, we will run apple process, if orange, run another process…may I know how can I use drop down menu to achieve ? thanks~

You need more groundwork before you kick off.

Please refer to below challenge codes which might help you understand Selectors, Dropdowns

Few more

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thanks all for your reply. Regarding “If” function, may I know what shall I input for “VB expression”? seems they are expression editors…if I want to say contain “Apple”, what expression shall I use…thanks~

string dropdown1 = row(ColA).ToString()
string dropdown2 = row(ColB).ToString()
string dropdown3 = row(ColC).ToString()

if (dropdown1.Contains(“Apple”))
// your logic

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Vaidya’s approach helps you.

Besides…Try this as well if it fits.

If ( your variable = “Apple” )then your logic.

Coming to your drop down selection
please go through the below link. It may give piece of info.

Manual Recording.

Excuse me if I misread your post.


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thanks for your reply. I am interested in your expression of “Contain”.
may I know how to use “String dropdown1 = row(ColA).ToString()”? is there any guides will illustrate more on this? or I can convert datatable variable to “String” so as to use it within UiPath?

thanks for your reply~

Please refer these

To read from excel into datatable

To read datatable row wise

@MichaelC check this example as well


thank you!!

Hi Vvaidya, I have converted my setting from “read csv” to “Excel application scope” in order to apply your quoted example. However, maybe my excel setting is incorrect, the exception throw at “Write line” stage, which I didn’t experienced in “Read CSV” scenario. May I know if I did sth wrong regarding variable type “datatable” or “workbook application”?

Is my expression in CSV not applicable to Excel application? <row(“column header”).ToString>
<row(“column header”).ToString> used to be applied in CSV scenario, or I shall change my expression in order for Excel application to read my expression? I would like UI to read and copy my excel data based on column header and paste to web field line by line,and loop until empty.

thanks for your answer~

dear @vvaidya, may I know for “dropdown1”, is it a datatable variable or it is string variable?

if I would like to use data table variable, how can I convert 1st excel column to string variable? thanks~

I am not aware with your case just trying to resolve some of your doubts here.

You can check the datatype of variable by using with writeline acitivity as follow: variable.GetType().tostring()

Just use .tostring() with the data of first column for e.g.- data_col1.tostring() or you if using “For-each row” for datatable then can use “Get Row Item” Acitivty as well.


many thanks…
for " data_col1.tostring() " may I know the exact expression should be “data table_name of column.ToString()”?

coz I have tried to put the expression in this way, but blue exclamation mark appeared

further, “Get Row Item”, I try to input “Column” and “ColumnName”, blue mark appeared as well…may I confirm what to input in “data table row”?