Excel Application Scope did not working

I used Excel Application Scope also Workbook read range activity but it wont work
it was working, but from morning it gives error as bellow

log contain following data

Message: Job TataCapitalBSU stopped due to unexpected process termination!
Exception Type: System.Exception
An ExceptionDetail, likely created by IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults=true,
 whose value is:
System.Exception: Job TataCapitalBSU stopped due to unexpected process termination!

To resolve above problem I

  • Uninstalled UiPath studio from My login User also from administrator login
  • Installed Updated UiPath Community version
  • Also Update all packages (including UiPath.Excel.Activity)
  • Check excel (excel are OK)
  • I tested my code on another machine it works

What should I do to resolve this issue

Hi @suraj23

Is the version of the Studio now 2018.4.2? Could you make sure that the service is running from the correct path of the most recent version? The easiest way to make sure is to restart your machine.

Hi @loginerror
after uninstall Studio I restart my machine but,
I notice that after uninstall the UiPath Studio from both user, still my Uipath studio is working, I checked Control Panel/Programs and Features their is no UiPath Studio file

When you say that it is working, do you launch it from some shortcut? Could you go to the shortcut property and see where are the source files located?

I believe this issue is often related to having two different installation of studio (MSI and EXE). Could this be the case here?

Yes, On double click shortcut, UiPath.Studio.exe
also the installation is in C:\Users\185996\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-18.4.2\UiPath.Studio.exe

I was also facing same issue today. There were so many excel process running in background which failed to close by uipath excel application scope due to some reason which I’m still investigating. I have killed all of them in the task manager and started again the workflow which resolved the issue. Might be helpful to somebody…