How to fix Runtime execution error with Excel Application Scope


Basically, from one day to another, my Excel Application Scope started to produce a System Exception every time I try to use it. The error is the following one:


My UiPath Studio Community version is 2020.4.0-beta.1731
My MS Excel version is the 2007 version

I think I read somewhere that we should update to a newer version of Excel… well, what about those who can’t afford to update to a new version of Excel?

As an alternative I’m using the activities present in System > File > Workbook but it’s somehow limited for some tasks.

If this exception it’s really solely because of Excel, is there any alternative to solve this issue aside removing and installing new software?


Please try below :

Put a Kill Process before excel application scope and Kill excel .


Hi @mukeshkala,

Already tried that before, I’m afraid it doesn’t work either:



hi @samureira,

I am not sure is it because of the excel activity version you are using …we can try one thing here - we can reduce the excel activity package version from manage package to lowest applicable version and select the version 2.4.6 or something lower.

Also, What is the size of the exel file / extesion and number of rows you are trying to read ?



Hello @mukeshkala,

Just for the record, the extension and the size of the Excel file was not an issue. The file itself, was very small. However, I downgraded the Excel activities as you suggested and selected with “Lowest Applicable Version” the version 2.7.2 of Excel activities.

It seems to work now. Old versions of Excel, can’t work with most recent Excel activities of UiPath such as Excel Application Scope, that’s the conclusion for me.


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