Can we pass variables to excel application scope instead of file path?

Hi guys,

Is there any way by which we can pass a variable to excel application scope instead of the file path?

I know that we can do it by using the command (Directory.getfiles) and looping it in a for loop with item.tostring. But is there any alternate way by which the user input (complete file path) can be read, stored in a variable and then pass this variable at run-time to excel application scope?

I tried it and it is showing that (Illegal characters in file path)! Is there any other way we can perform this.

Thank you in advance.


Yes you can pass variable into Excel Application Scope activity and make sure you passed absolute path of the excel file.

I guess you didn’t specify file path properly here and that’s why you are getting error.

The issue is we have to pass different paths at run time, and based on what excel comes in the bot will do different actions on it.

Now I do it by manually changing the excel path on ExApSc i tried passing the variable to ExApSc by clearly predefining the file path but error shown : Illegal characters in file path!

If possible can you show an example.


Could you please show me screenshot of how are passing data and also put one message box before Excel application scope activity and print the value you are passing. And help me with that screenshot also. So that I can check and help you.

sorry my bad I think I figured it out I accidentally passed the double codes too :sweat_smile: :ok_hand:

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Thank you @lakshman got it


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