Read Range: A column named 'BG ID' already belongs to this DataTable

Hi All,

what does this error means?


HI @taruna.mehra

You have BG ID already belong to the Data table

That mean you have duplicate header in the Data Table.


so i can not read the file?

Yes @taruna.mehra

You can uncheck the “Add Headers” option on the Read range activity. I

I can not uncheck it cos i need to join the data tables based on matching datas.

Check out this thread @taruna.mehra

Hi @taruna.mehra

You can use Write cell to change the Column name which has duplicate. After that you can use Read Range activity

Check out the image for reference



Hi @taruna.mehra

Please refer to this Workflow
Managing_duplicity.xaml (10.7 KB)
Use Remove data Row and add 0 in that after this workflow.

Hope this helps.


Hi @taruna.mehra ,

There are components in Marketplace that could help achieve this operation. One of them is listed below, where the duplicate column values are automatically renamed.

Let us know if you are looking for an alternate solution.

Hello @taruna.mehra

If you are using the Read range activity and enable Add header it will take the first row as the column header. But in datatable it will not except 2 column headers with the same name.

So wither you can change the excel headers or copy the data without headers and then use the index.


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