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Hello friends…need your help…
I have one excel file in local system which contains suppose 51 rows (including header) and 5-6 columns.On the other side I am extracting a table from web-page,the rows and columns in excel file are similar to data table table extracted from web,but their position may differ and in extracted data table.But my problem is, if a value(either Complete / Pending/Failed) in a cell occurs in Data table then corresponding to Row which matches with the excel file, need to be update in my excel file.

—Excel File extratPic ----Extracted Data table
– Based on status of Extracted Data table,final excel file should be updated like this – I hope you guys understood the question…

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Hi @monishankar

You can use lookup datatable activity buddy

  1. use excel application scope to read the excel and use read range activity and get the output datatable named exceldatatable
  2. Then extract the data from the web page and save the datatable with a variable named ExtractedDatatable
  3. then use a for each row loop like this which will update the datatable with column status, a value corresponding to the name you have

here pass the values like this in properties of lookup datatable activity

For more info on lookup datatable activity kindly have view on this

kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @monishankar

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were you able to update now @monishankar

I am checking bro,if it works, I will let you know.

sure @monishankar

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It was very helpful bro… :grinning:

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Cheers buddy @monishankar

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