How to extract complete row from the datatable one by one

Is there any way i can extract the complete row of excel at a time and if the row contains particular value i can extract the row location.


i am trying to extract the invoice details as per the header from this table, there are multiple copies of the bills in the same excel and data is unstructured.

I wanted to extract each row value and then match the header, i have start and end header of the table, By that i wanted to extract a particular layout of the table and paste it in other excel.

If anyone can help me on this?


You could use Excel Lookup Range activity to find the first header cell the use Read Range activity from this cell to grab the data.

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Is it possible i dont open and operate on excel? can the same thing be done on datatable?

If you stick to UiPath’s activities, you have Read Row activity under System > File > Workbook. Use it into a DoWhile activity to iterate over your file’s rows and break whenever you find your value.

Assign (String)
Searched = "DOC No"

Assign (Int32)
RowIdx = 0

Assign (String)
ColumnLetter = ""

DoWhile String.isNullOrEmpty(ColumnLetter)

  • Assign
    RowIdx = RowIdx + 1

  • ReadRow
    StartingCell = "A" & RowIdx.ToString
    Result = Row

  • ForEach Cell in Row
    Index = ColumnIndex

    • If Cell.ToString.Trim = Searched

      • Assign
        ColumnLetter = Chr(Asc("A"C) + ColumnIndex)

      • Break

Assign (String)
FirstCell = ColumnLetter & RowIdx.ToString

Thanks @msan!!
i used similar logic to build the code to solve it.
i first read the complete excel for count of occurrence of “DocNo”

Then i have divided the excel into that many partitions based on the location of docNo and then extracted the value of sub table in a data table.

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